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Types of Tables and their Fitting to the Interior

The main task of a Travertine Side Table is not only to successfully fit into the interior of the room, but also to carry a bit of practical purpose. Accordingly, a stone table must be reliable, functional, and resistant to most negative influences. Moreover, OIXDESIGN adds some new advantages to the list of casual ones:

  • Compliance with the production’s basic traits: SwiftAssembly, EasyMove, Mobility, Portability.
  • Eco-friendly tables do not harm your health and are produced without harmful substances.
  • The furniture has a wireless charger, which lets us call it tech-savvy.
  • The delivery is absolutely free, that can be seen as a perfect opportunity for those, who live far from the production place.
  • The furniture is prefabricated. You can disassemble your table and store it easily at any time.

In interiors, this type of furniture is most often used in three main forms.

Coffee table

This product is characterized by a small tabletop, usually round in shape, on which you can place a coffee pot and a minimum of tea set items. True connoisseurs of hot drinks can easily equip tea rooms or home coffee shops with them.

White Marble Coffee Table Set Carrara Marble Slideshow
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Cocktail table

A very common option. It can have completely different forms. As a rule, both its legs and tabletop are made of real stone. Such Stone Side Table gives the entire room a stylish, effective and finished look. To decorate countertops, manufacturers prefer marble with a fine grain or frequent vein pattern. It is directly intended for placing periodicals on it, although it can also serve as a coffee table. The models are not massive and heavy. They may have a prefabricated structure.

Console table

A traditional element of a woman’s boudoir, which is a narrow and small tabletop on high legs. Today you can also find models that are additionally equipped with lower pull-out drawers and an upper mirror. Suitable for rooms decorated in the Renaissance style, where there are objects of art (paintings, statues, stucco wall decoration, etc.).

White Marble Coffee Table Set Classico Travertine
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Dining and meeting tables

These pieces are classic marble tables. They can successfully complement a regular kitchen and a special dining or conference room. They are distinguished by their large size and considerable weight. Their prices will vary greatly, which depends directly on the design and labor intensity of production.

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